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Chicago, Illinois
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Data-Driven Communication Strategies That Work

Reach your global audience with effective data-driven communications, public relations and media strategies. Our services include all aspects of developing a successful program to meet your goals and objectives. Creative services also include original instrumental music development, photography, design and outreach. 
Sorrento, Italy

Our Services Include:
  • Public Affairs
  • Issues Advocacy
  • Media Relations
  • Reporting/Writing/Editing
  • Photography
  • Employee/Internal Communications
  • Instrumental Music Development

  • Consumer Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Contingency & Crisis Planning 
  • Corporate Communications



  • Legislative & Regulatory Issues
  • Publications
  • PR Strategy
  • Data-Driven Research
  • Sport Marketing
  • Health Care Communications


Turner Morrison Communications represents Curio Cabinet Records President/Musician Robert J. Hurns. The following are the original instrumental rock albums and links to Hurns music:

1) 'Crabby Road' https://bit.ly/35ouKSH
2) 'Music From Imaginary Movies'  https://bit.ly/2xoFIuM
3) 'Meet The Christ Stains!',  https://bit.ly/3bQmcq2  and

4) 'Castle of the Von Font Counters'  https://bit.ly/3bVC7Ua

Hurns music can be downloaded from all streaming platforms worldwide and other outlets including Tik Tok. To date Hurns music has been streamed by fans in more than 70 countries. 



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